HAL notes & bits

Not a lot to say here really..

I run a HAL2000 automation system, which links to an HAI Omnipro security system and an open-air mike setup using a Shure SCM-810 mixer.

My setup is generally based on the open-air mike system designed by Jim Lipsit, though with slightly simplified wiring and transformer isolation of the audio from the mixer to the PC.

As of writing this I have just acquired a XAP800 DSP-based mixer. This has echo cancelling and more sophisticated control capabilities that the Shure.

I'm presently working on getting the XAP installed, but more wiring is needed for audio from the devices I want to 'cancel' from the mike audio.

If you need any more info on this, you can contact me via the HAL Forums (username rajenkins). Or, as a last resort, email me

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